Transfer documents to DATEVconnect online with Android

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With Scanbot you can transfer Scans of documents directly to DATEV Unternehmen online. This is how:



Requirements for the Usage of Scanbot with DATEVconnect online:


  • Mobile device with Android 5.0+
  • Registered DATEV SmartLogin App
  • Scanbot with an active Scanbot for Business Subscription


DATEV SmartLogin


In Order to transfer documents to DATEV Unternehmen online, you need a registered SmartLogin App on your Device. You will receive the necessary information to register from your accountant. Afterward, you can install the SmartLogin App and register with your information.


DATEV SmartLogin für Android (Play Store)


Further information for the SmartLogin App can be found here.




First, install the free Version of Scanbot from the Google Play Store


Scanbot for Android (Google Play)


Please select the free Version of Scanbot when you first start the app. After getting used to the basic principle of scanning and Scanbot’s functions, please head into the Scanbot settings by tapping the three dots in the top right corner.


Please tap Cloud Services and then Add Service to select DATEVconnect online from the list. Now you can unlock the Scanbot for Business Subscription and receive not only the DATEV Connection but all Features of Scanbot Pro.


Transferring Documents


Scan a document. Save the file and tap ‘Send to’. Here tap ‘More’ and add DATEVconnect online. After selecting DATEVconnect online, the SmartLogin App will automatically open to authenticate. After authenticating you can select the enterprise in Scanbot and select the upload destination folder.


When you start Scanbot the next time, the selected folder will be available as a destination for the upload immediately. Repeat the instructions above to add more connections to other folders. Scanning and capturing Receipts and Invoices becomes really easy this way.

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