How to connect to ownCloud via WebDAV

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OwnCloud can be a bit challenging to configure because there are a lot of settings and security details. But if you have the latest server (9.0 or higher) and a default configuration, it works right out of the box…


Add ownCloud via WebDAV

  • Launch Scanbot and open Settings and Cloud Services
  • Tap Add Service and choose WebDAV in the list of cloud services
  • Use the URL your-ip-address/owncloud/remote.php/webdav



If you get a "Bad Request" error make sure ownCloud accepts connections from your device. You can check it by trying to log in from your browser. If there's a problem you will be promted with an error message and the option to allow connections from your device.

If you run Apache on the same server, please make sure the WebDAV module of Apache (mod_webdav) is disabled.

Older versions of the ownCloud server may need you to enable WebDAV manually in the server config.

If you still have problem, there might be a solution in this forum thread:

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