How to use Scanbot Folders (Guide)

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Scanbot Pro Folders and how to create, move or delete them. This Guide will take you through the process of creating and managing folders in Scanbot and how to store your documents efficiently.


How can I create folders?

By tapping the Check Mark Icon in the upper right corner, you can open the Folder Editing View

Folder Editing View:

New Folder: Creates a new folder, no surprises here.
Send to: Opens the Workflows, like in the older versions of Scanbot.
Move to: Lets you move scans into folders, or even folders into other folders.
Delete: Deletes the selected documents and folders (Be careful!).

How can I move my documents into folders?

After creating a new folder (‘Private’ in the example) you can move your documents into it. Just tap on the document and it will be selected. Now you can upload, move or delete it by pressing one of the buttons in the toolbar below.

Tapping Move to will open a new dialogue in Scanbot:
You can navigate into your folders and create subfolders.
After you have arrived at your desired location for saving the document, tap on ‘Move Here’.


How can I move my folders?

You can also select folders with a single tap and move them into another folder using the same method.


How can I rename my folders?

To rename a folder simply tap on the folder name at the top center of your Scanbot app and enter a new name.

Why are folders only available to Pro users?

We believe that only users who use Scanbot very frequently and have a high number of scans on their device will need folders to organize their documents. We don’t want to impose a folder structure on new users who are still in the process of getting to know Scanbot.

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