How do I scan a document with Scanbot?

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Scanbot Scanning Guide: This article will take you through the steps how scan documents and create PDF files from them

  1. Pull down the document list to enter scan mode. 
  2. Hold your device over the document which you want to scan.
  3. Scanbot will automatically detect the borders and take the scan.
  4. Single-Page Scanning: If you only want to scan a single page choose "Save" at the top right of the screen.
  5. Multi-Page Scanning: If you you want to scan multiple pages just swipe left and continue. When you are done scanning tap on "Save".

To achieve optimal results, Scanbot will assist you with real-time guidance like “Move closer“,  “Too dark”, “Perspective”, or “Noisy background”. You can also manually trigger the scan by tapping on the white button in the middle at the bottom. If Scanbot is snapping to fast for you, you can disable 'Automatic Snapping' by tapping the circular button in the upper toolbar (2nd button from the right side).


Use photos from your photo album

  1. Pull down the document list to enter scan mode. 
  2. Tap "Import" to create a document from photos stored in your camera roll

Your scans will be saved as a PDF document per default. You can save "one-page scans" as JPG files by enabling it in the Scanbot settings. 


Additional settings

If you encounter poor lighting conditions you may want to enable the flash to provide more light, please tap on the flash icon to do so (3rd icon from the right side at the top).

If you want to disable the automatic detection of QR- and Bar Codes please tap on the first icon from the right at the top.

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