iCloud Drive Troubleshooting Guide

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iCloud Drive Synchronisation in Scanbot: This guide will take you through steps to troubleshoot general iCloud Drive Synchronisation problems with Scanbot.

Some of our users encounter problems with iCloud Drive. Reported issues are related to missing iCloud Drive support in the app or iCloud unable to sync documents between devices. We created this guide to help troubleshoot these sort of issues. If you are uncomfortable with the steps described in this guide or they don't solve your problem, please contact our support and we'll help you.

As most syncing issues can be fixed with a simple relog, please try the following steps first:

  1. Head into your device settings-> iCloud and hit Sign Out at the bottom.
  2. Afterwards just relog into your iCloud Account again.
  3. Make sure iCloud Drive Sync is enabled in Scanbot

General Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure you are signed into the same iCloud account on all your devices.
  2. Verify that "iCloud Drive" is enabled in the iCloud settings.
    • iOS: Settings  → iCloud → iCloud Drive
  3. Make sure:
    • You are connected to a WiFi network and/or "Use Cellular Data", in the iCloud Drive settings, is enabled (this setting is iOS only)
    • Scanbot is allowed to save in iCloud Drive. On iOS you see a list of apps in the iCloud Drive settings. You find this in the Settings app under iCloud → iCloud Drive. Right below is a list of allowed apps. 
  4. Restart your device to relaunch the iCloud process on your device (sometimes it can get stuck):
    • OS X:  → Restart…
    • iOS: Hold the power button (top edge) until the shutdown slider appears and slide it. After the shutdown, hold the power button again to start the device.
  5. Check the iCloud System Status page to learn of any iCloud service issues. Look for the iCloud Drive Status.
  6. On iOS verify that Scanbot uses iCloud:
    • On the documents screen press the gear icon (top right corner).
    • In the Sync Section enable "iCloud Drive".
  7. Verify that the correct time is set on your device (incorrect time settings will cause iCloud to reject the connection).
  8. Make sure that you are not behind a firewall that blocks incoming or outgoing iCloud traffic (also applies to utilities like Little Snitch, TCPBlock, etc…).
  9. When files are not uploaded to iCloud, ensure that you have enough free space on iCloud. The free plan only comes with 5 GB of total iCloud storage.

iCloud Documents Won't Appear on iCloud Devices

On iOS, Scanbot is only allowed to access documents stored in the Scanbot folder located inside iCloud Drive. For the time being when you move a document into iCloud Drive on your Mac, please only store you documents inside the Scanbot container.

If you miss some documents in Scanbot please check if the missing documents are available on the iOS device via iCloud storage management: "Settings->iCloud->Storage->Manage Storage->Scanbot". In case you see the missing documents there please contact our support. If not, please check the settings for iCloud as described above.


iCloud Documents Appear to Be Stuck or Hung

Sometimes your files appear to be stuck, i.e. the files won't upload their changes, nor will your device download changes you made on an other device. If this happens to be the case, here's what you can do.

Please reboot the affected device first. After the device has come back up, the documents start to update again, in most cases. After the reboot, let a couple of moments pass before you confirm that the device is acting normal again. This applies to both, iOS and OS X. In case the documents won't start to update after the reboot, you can try to reboot the device again.

Some users report they were able to troubleshoot a device by uninstalling, and reinstalling Scanbot for iOS.

If this doesn't fix the problem. Please contact our support and ask for further assistance at support@scanbot.io.

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