How do I apply smart file naming

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Scanbot and document names: How Do I apply Smart Naming / Change the default file name

Without Scanbot Pro your scans get the default file name format including "scan", the date and time. With Smart Naming you can teach Scanbot your individual file name scheme by using a combination of dynamic placeholders.

  • Go to Settings
  • In the Advanced Settings tap Name Template

You can now choose between placeholders you created on your own (e.g. "Receipt", "Scan", "Scanbot Scan" or whatever), as well as pre-defined (time, year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds, ., ,, -, _,) or location-related (street, city, city sub, ZIP code, country). Note that when picking a location related placeholder, Scanbot will automatically retrieve the information depending on your actual current location. Before applying this Scanbot will of course ask you whether you grant access to your location.


Use the smart dynamic tags above the keyboard

As you can see, below the selected placeholders, Scanbot will preview how your file names will look like. Also, Scanbot automatically retrieved the actual city the scan would be taken now(in this case Bonn). Correspondingly, the same would be applied for instance to the street, zip code, country or city sub.

  • To finish your setting just hit Save. Now that we have created this default file name format all future scans will contain this custom scheme.

Since some users contacted us with request: please note that not all characters are working you may want to include into your file name. This e.g. goes for characters like €, $ ?, / or the popular emojis. The reason behind is that we must make sure that you can smoothly upload your scans to your favorite cloud. As some clouds don't accept certain characters, this would result into an error then.

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