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Scanbot and iTunes File Sharing: How can I extract Images to my Mac or PC?

Do you want to save your documents on your Mac or PC? Here's how:

With iTunes File Sharing you can transfer your PDF documents from Scanbot to your computer – locally, no need for an internet connection.


How to copy your documents from Scanbot using File Sharing 

  1. Connect your iOS device to your computer
  2. Launch iTunes on your computer
  3. Click on the button that displays your iOS device
    Click on the tiny device icon to see the details
  4. Under the section File Sharing select Scanbot to view all your documents on your device you scanned with Scanbot
  5. Select the files you'd like to transfer to your computer and click Save to…

Select File Sharing from the left column and choose Scanbot to see your documents


You can find more information on File Sharing here:

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