Scanning Guide or: 'How do I scan with Scanbot?'

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Scanning documents with Scanbot: How do I capture my documents?

Scanning documents might have been a hassle before, but now that you’re using Scanbot it has become as easy as apple pie.

If you open Scanbot for the first time you will find yourself in Camera Mode, the scanning interface.

Just hold your phone over a document you put down on a table. Here are a few general things you might want to consider to improve the results:

  • Follow the real-time-guidance on your screen like Perspective, Move closer or Too Dark.
  • Try to scan on a dark and evenly coloured background to ensure the best results
  • Make sure the document is properly lit (preferably by a natural light source)

Hold your phone above the document to scan

If you want to scan more than just one page, tap Multiple Pages in the toolbar at the top.

How do I import Images from my Photos?

While you are in Camera Mode just tap Import in the bottom right. Grant Scanbot access to your Photos and you can import your photographed documents.

How can I edit the scans I’ve just taken?

After snapping a page, Scanbot will automatically head into the so called Review Mode.
Here you have a number of editing options you can apply to your scanned document.

Use the tool at the bottom after scanning to edit your scan 

Top Toolbar:
Cancel: Returns to the camera mode and deletes all scanned pages.
Underlined File Name: Change the file name. Also lets you choose from a wide variety of tags.
Save: Saves your document and generates a PDF document of the scanned pages.

Bottom Toolbar:
Scan: Lets you add more pages to the current document.
Filter: Apply a colour filter to your document to vastly improve the looks of your documents.
Crop: Crop your document if you are not happy with the automatically detected borders.
Rotate: Rotates the document counter-clockwise.
Delete: Deletes the page that is currently show.


Are you done scanning and editing the pages? Just tap Save and Scanbot will convert the pages into a single PDF document you can upload, send via email and much more.


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