How do I edit a scan

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Editing documents inside the Scanbot App. How can I crop, add color filters or rotate?

You can edit and optimize each individual page of a scan in review mode, as long as the document has not (!) been saved.


Choose from many options to make your scan perfect


Color Filters - Tap the color mode button to choose between five different Filters: normal, color optimization, grey, black and white and our new Magic Color Filter

Tip: Tap and hold to apply the currently selected color mode to all pages. 

Rotate - Rotate the current page counter-clockwise and clockwise.

Crop - Change the selection of the detected borders and revert to Scanbot’s selection anytime by tapping the magnet.

Delete a page - Tap the button on the far right or swipe the page up.

Rename - Tap the default name to change your scan’s name.

Rearrange - Tap and hold on a page, then move left or right to rearrange your pages.

Zoom - Double tap on a page to zoom in/out.

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