How to use Scanbot’s Fax feature

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Scanbot and faxing: Sending a fax with Scanbot is as easy as 1,2,3 and just requires a few steps.


 To fax a document, create a scan, save it and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the document you want to send from your document list and tap to open it
  2. Click on More in the bottom right corner and then choose Send fax or tap Send to... and create a new Workflow to send a fax
  3. If you desire you can now add a cover sheet with information (which is going to cost you one additional fax credit since the cover sheet counts as one page as well), add the recipient’s fax number and click on Send Fax 

If you want to unlock cheaper faxing credits, please go to Scanbot’s Settings in the top left corner where you can get one of our bundles that offer you a discount. In the top of the settings you will find your fax history, which contains all faxes you have sent and their status, as well as the option fax credits. Tap it and you will see your current amount of faxing credits and an option to purchase additional ones via Get more credits


Please note that due to your location, network connection and faxing service connection it can take longer for a document to be sent via fax. We will however notify you if the fax has been sent successfully or not via Push Notification. When using the fax function for the first time please make sure to allow Push Notification. In case you did not allow Push Notification straight away please do the following: 

  1. Open your System Settings
  2. Tap Notifications
  3. Search for Scanbot in the List
  4. Enable Push Notifications

This is only available if you already sent the fax and Scanbot requested access to Notifications once

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